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10 November 2019 Piet Roks Junior day

Judge A. Paleski (SE)

We had a lovely day together with our young boy Flannan's Cracker Jack "CJ" , Flannan's Current Edition "Chiron" and Flannan's Classic Style "Grady"

CJ and Chiron became 1st in their junior classes and Grady 2nd

We are very proud of you all and our little monkey behaved so well it made me feel happy to be back in the showring again

We also entered for best litter junior class and above and became best litter too.

Thank you to Lisa and Danique for being there and making it a nice day!




29 September reunion C-Litter

We invited all pupppies from C-Litter to the reunion and birthday party and how nice to see 7 of the 11 puppies together

3 girls and 4 boys joined, and we can say we are very pleased with how they have grown

Despite the bad weather we and the dogs enjoyed our day thouroughly

It is with a massive thank you to Kees and Marja, owner of one of the babies who helped us organize it all,

thank you for your hospitality and the delicious food Marja cooked for all of us

A little impression of the day


Pictures by Danique and me

With a party there are presents, all puppies got a goody bag from us and a doggie bag from Lisa and Dineke. 

Kees and Marja spoiled them with sausage slices

Thank you for your presence: Kees & Marja with Droef, Judith, Rolf & Kids with Olly,

Lisa & Dineke with Chiron, Westy & Danique with Grady, Bas with Abbey, Dee & Pamela with Angel (from Scotland)

and ofcourse Mara & me with CJ


24 August 2019 International Dogshow Rotterdam

Judge E. 't Lam (NL)

With a lovely entry our handsome boy Mr Ice "Glennlokhen macallan" was 

2nd in Championsclass and Res Best Dog (res CAC/CACIB)

With this he gained his last point for the Dutch Champion title

We are over the moon with our boy doing so well, he has not been shown a lot this year but did soooo well.

Now he can relax a bit, mature even more and 

let his son follow his footsteps by starting his showcarreer in Holland in the next few months


29 june 2019 Windsor Championship Show

Judge C. Tuite (GB)

Flannan's Cracker Jack "CJ" was our little monkey star....

1st Minor Puppy class and 3rd in Puppy Class

We are proud of our little boy on his first show in UK, qualifying for Crufts 2020




26 may 2019 ISC Dogwalk Leende

We joined the dogwalk organized by the Dutch ISC in Leende together with 5 other puppies of our last litter

What a joy it was to see 6 pupppies of 8 months running in the big group of Irish setters together with their mummy Jeeda

Present at this meeting: dogs George, Droef, Ollie, Chiron, CJ, girls Grady and their mummy

Here an impression how much fun we all had together.

We want to thank all the owners for taking the time to bring their dogs to this meeting.

We thouroughly enjoyed it !





Pictures by Gert-Jan and Me


11-22 April 2019 Holiday in Scotland and England

Our trip to Scotland was even more fabulous due the beautiful weather we had.

We enjoyed every minute of it and did a lot of roadtrips to try and see as much as possible in these 9 days.

We are very thankfull to Dee and Pamela for their hospitality and that they gave us the possibility to enjoy 2 days together.

We also want to thank the committee of both ISCS and ISCW for a well run show.

We thoroughly enjoyed it.

And last but not least the judges who thought so highly of our beloved redheads.

A little peek into what we experienced during this week...

ISCS Judge G. Condron (GB)

Glennlokhen Macallan 4th Open Class and Flannan's Bumble Beezz 3rd Open Class

ISCW Open Show Judge C. Wheeldon (GB)

Glennlokhen Macallan 2nd Open Class

ISCW Champ Show Dog Judge: J. Humphries (GB) Bitch Judge: P. Stockton (GB)

Glennlokhen Macallan 3rd Open Class and gained his Studbook number, Flannan's bumble Beezz not placed in Open Class

Pictures of Ice and Zizzi by Laura Kolbach

A very nice viaduct on our roadtrip to Arisaig Beach

Below the first 4 pictures are of the Kelpies, Edinburgh, Falkirk Wheel

Second 4 pictures are of the Glenfinnan Viaduct, Glenfinnan Monument, Church Fort William and a lost soul on the bench ;)

Third 4 pictures are of  beautiful sight seeying during our roadtrip in the West Higlands

fourth 4 pictures of the doggies enjoying Annan River and the fields behind our hotel in Gretna Green

  Fifth 4 pictures of the doggies during our roadtrip down to Stafford and Ramsbury Hills



bye bye from Ice and Zizzi


16 March 2019 Int Dogshow Schaal der Kempen

Judge S. Taggert (IR)

Our little star Flannan's Bumble Beezz "Zizzi" rocked her way to become 1st Champions Class, Best Bitch, CAC/CACIB & BOS

With this result she followed her Grandma's footsteps in becoming International Champion

No need to say we are very very proud of our littlle girl...

Picture was taken by Caroline Blockx


waiting before showing


24 february 2019 Open show Rótova 

Judge G. Ramos (ES)

Flannan's Cracklin' Rose "Phoebe" made her debut in the showring in Spain.

Little Phoebe was Best Baby in Breed and Best Baby in Group 

No need to say we are proud of Martí and Phoebe !!!

What a wonderful girl she is and how nice to see how this little naughty girl developed into a real showdiva



9 & 10 february 2019 SRA Oberderdingen

Saturday Judge M. Schleifring (DE) & Sunday Judge D. Bielefeld (DE)

It was Flannan's Cracker Jacks "CJ's" first appearance in the showrings and little baby boy didn't disappoint us.

Saturday he beccame 1st VP in Babyclass and sunday he was BBIS. Very proud of our little naughty boy.

His father Glennlokhen Macallan "Mr Ice" showed his socks off too and made us feel even more proud

Saturday he was 1st in Open class and sunday he was Best Dog CAC and BOS.

With these results he now is German VDH Champion. What a little dream boy he is...



Little boy CJ is growing up very fast enjoying all the good things






23 december 2018 Kerstshow Venray

Judge W. Wellens (NL)

Glennlokhen Macallan "Mr Ice" ending his show year with 2nd in Open Class

This young boy has full filled all our dreams and I am sure we will have lots of fun times ahead together


16 december 2018 Winner Show Amsterdam

Judge R. Kotlár (HU)

Flannan's Bumble Beezz 1st Excellent Championsclass

Star of the day was Mr Ice "Glennlokhen Macallan" who won Open Class and then went on the become Best Dog and BOS

He can add a new title to his name, Winner 2018 !!!

No need to say we are very very proud of our little boy... being in the ring with him makes me feel like Senna is still there

The same attitude and compassion they share together with me ánd the same title ;)

Left Mr Ice and Right Furby from Nely van Doorn

Picture by Marianne van Doorn



Meet Flannan's Cracker Jack "aka" CJ



16 November 2018 International Dogshow Dortmund

Judge K. Schmidt (DE) 

Glennlokhen Macallan "Mr Ice" did us proud by winning his first Open dog class

Then became Best Dog with CAC/CACIB and BOS

Only one step away from the German Champion Title.

No need to say this young man keeps making us very very proud

Picture by Volker König


Our puppies have arrived 27-09-2018

See Litter Page


Our beautiful girl Jeeda is confirmed to be in whelp by our handsome Mr Ice

See Litter Page


Our very first Home Bred Dutch Champion

 Flannan's Bumble Beezz "Zizzi" 

(Glennara Chase the Ace x Flannan's Amazingly Red)

Thank you to all judges who thought so highly of our girl and made it possible that our dream came true !

Picture taken by Colin Wheeldon and thank you Colin n Waddell for editing this picture


8 & 9 September 2018 International Dogshow Rotterdam

Saturday Judge K. Scheel (DK) & Sunday Judge C. Loughlin (IR)

Flannan's Bumble beezz was our little naked star, dropped her coat totaly just a week before the show 

but even without coat our she showed herself at her best.

Saturday she was Res Best Bitch and Sunday she was 1st in Champions Class.

Proud of our little girlie 


1 & 2 September 2018 International and National Dogshow Bremen

Judge Int. dogshow B. Espeland (N) -- Nat Dogshow C. Pelka (DE)

Glennlokhen Macallan "Mr Ice" both days winning Intermediate Class, Best Dog and Best of Breed

Second day also shortlisted in the main ring. 

Little boy is developing into a nice young man

He is such a joy to show and live with, giving his best all the time.

Soooo very proud of this young man and future daddy of our upcoming puppies !!!


Pictures by Silvia Timmermann


Pictures by Wanda Pepers


10 & 11 August 2018 CAC Specialty and WDS

Judge WDS S. Mogony (NL)

Glennlokhen Macallan graded Excellent in Intermediate Class

 Picture by Entuziastas Kennel

Judge CAC Specialty B. Rajic (SL)

Glennlokhen Macallan 4th Excellent Intermediate Class

Star of the day was our little girl Flannan's Bumble Beezz winning Champions Class and then going Best Bitch with Double CAC

With this winn she now is Dutch Champion, our own first home bred Dutch Champion

No need to say we are very very proud with our little Madam Zizzi

Picture by Jackie Boyd-McNeil


01 July 2018 Windsor Champ Show

Judge M. Hillocks (GB)

Flannan's Bumble Beezz 4th in Open Class on a very hot show day.

Mum and I had a great time together, celebrating her birthday and visited Bewl water in the East Sussex,

 where my grandparents used to live.




17 June 2018 Champions Clubmatch Irish setter club Holland

Judge Dogs C. Stevenson (GB)  Bitches D. Hemmings (GB)

Glennlokhen Macallan 2nd place Intermediate Class

Flannan's Bumble Beezz showing her tiny little socks off winning Championsclass, then went on winning reserve Best Bitch.

We cannot tell you how proud this little girl made us today, now only one award away towards her Dutch Champion title, 

following her granny's footsteps in the big showring !

Picture by Robert Bulten


10 June 2018 Dogshow Thielen

Judge L. van Genechten (B)

Flannan's Bumble Beezz 2nd Champions Class


27 May 2018 Gundogshow

Judge M. Gyarfas (HU)

Flannan's Bumble Beezz 1st Champions Class


06 May 2018 Annual meeting of the ISC Holland

Glennlokhen Macallan "Mr Ice" our Scottisch young boy ended in the top 10 of best Irish setter males in the competition of the year 

in Holland. He was only slightly shown.

Best Puppy at the Dutch Clubmatch, 1st in Junior Class both days at International Dogshow Rotterdam and 1st in Junior Class at International Dogshow Maastricht with Dog CAC too.

Our little star and funny dreamy boy



29 April 2018 International Dogshow Lingen

Judge S. Lohkamp-Sommer (DE)

Glennlokhen Macallan 2nd Intermediate Class


07 April 2018 Irish Setter Breeders Clubshow

Judge Dogs M. Mitchell (GB)  Bitches S. Nevitt (GB)

Glennlokhen Macallan for the first time in Yearling Class with VHC out of 14 entries.

Still a looking like a puppy he did so well.

Flannan's Bumble Beezz does what she always does and with that got reserve in Open Bitch Class.

She never dissapoints me, always happy and crazy girl bringing a smile to every ones face


Pictures by Pat & Ken Stockton and Mara Pepers


31 March & 01 April 2018  International Dogshow Goes

Judge M. Sunde (NO)

Flannan's Bumble Beezz 1st Champions Class and Best Bitch CAC/CACIB

Judge M. Pylvänäinen-Suorsa (FI)

Flannan's Bumble Beezz 2nd Champions Class and Res CACIB


18 March 2018 International Dogshow Hazerswoude

Judge  B. Lundgren (SE)

Flannan's Bumble Beezz 1st Champions Class and Reserve Best Bitch res CAC/res CACIB

Happy as a bunny with our little angel who makes us smile every day


11 March 2018 Crufts

Judge Dogs W. Morley (GB)  Bitches A. Howes (GB)

A day to remember forever. A dream coming true !!!

To be ever placed within the first three on such a big event as Crufts is one thing, 

but to be placed 1st in a big Junior Class with 17 entries is another thing..... 

Glennlokhen Macallan "Mr Ice" JUST DID THAT !!!

We cannot tell you all emotions that we went through in our heads at that one moment where the Judge pointed at us to be placed 1st

We are so thrilled with this little boy and all his achievements, 

especially happy for Jackie and Irene as breeders of this first litter under their own affix Glennlokhen.

It is a wonderful achievement for them too!

Glennlokhen Macallan ( Covarney Flapjack x Gwendariff in with a Bang)


Flannan's Bumble Beezz did also a great job being shortlisted with the last 7 in Open Class bitches with 22 entries


Pictures taken by Kasia Czapla and Laura Kolbach


14 January 2018 International Dogshow Nürnberg

Judge A Pokorn (SL)

A wonderful start to the new year with both our youngsters.

Glennlokhen Macallan did us proud with the 1st place in Intermediate Class 

then going on getting Reserve Best Dog res CAC/ res CACIB, just 15 months old and his first ticket for the VDH ch title

Our big star of the day was Flannan's Bumble Beezz, strutted her stuff through the ring gaining 1st Open Class

Best Bitch CAC/CACIB and to top it off BOB

With this fantastic winn, being the icing on the cake, she won her last ticket in style.

We would like to thank all the judges for making this possible for us.

She can now be crowned with two new titles: VDH Champion and Alpensieger.

No need to say we are very proud of our little reds an floating home on cloud nine !

BOS Schwung Mr Dee Jee (l) and BOB Flannan's Bumble Beezz (r)

Glennlokhen Macallan Res CAC/ Res CACIB


13 January 2018 CAC show Essen

Judge C. Pil (BE)

Glennlokhen Macallan first time in Intermediate Class with a 2nd place

Flannan's Bumble Beezz 1st in Open Class and Res Best Bitch