Gundogs @ Work

Flannan's Irish Setters

With love and dedication


In 2006, just 7 weeks old, you came into our lives... 

You looked like a little white ball of wool with two very tiny beautiful black beads 

From the very first day you were a hand full...such a selfwilled character, but ooohhh so sweet

We couldn't sneek away or you were just right behind us... 

If we managed to sneek away you started to cry so hard, we had to come back    

Chewing on everything, even our hands...but we didn't mind...we loved you too much

After half a year a little playmate came to keep you company, Thura the cat, you loved each other and played like cats and dogs 

Then Senna came into our lives and you teached her Our way of learned her to bark...yes she always did that  

Everytime I went cycling with Senna you went with us, sitting in front of me in your basket watching everything    

and warning everybody we were passing by :)

Every where we went you found pine cones and brought it to us for us to throw away

Chasing them again and again...that is what you loved most !

You had a second home at Mara's mother's place where you loved to be spoiled rotten...  

This was also the place you decided to give up the fight, during our holiday in Spain

Hope, where ever you are, there are lot's of pine cones for you to chase 

Run free sweetheart, without pain and suffering, forever in our hearts !