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Flannan's Irish Setters

With love and dedication

Welcome to our website

We want to share our love, dedication and passion we have for the Irish setter

At present time we have four Irish setters at home; Mr Ice, CJ, Jeeda and Zizzi

It started 11 years ago when we were owned by one of the most lovable Irish setters ever... our first bitch Senna "Weslynn from Askeaton"

At that time we already had a little Maltese Dinta and a cat Thura, with Senna coming to live with us our dream came true. 

She teached us setter life and the way of showing, always giving her best and making our time together unforgettable. 

She was that true Irish girl who could work in the fields and become multi show champion at the same time, 

with the cherry on the cake becoming best Irish setter of Holland 2010.

In 2011 she was the founding of Flannan's Irish setters when she gave us our first litter "the A-litter"


The Irish setter virus was ánd is a fact, we hope you will enjoy your time on our website and will get the Irish setter virus too !