Gundogs @ Work

Flannan's Irish Setters

With love and dedication

Jeeda and Flash puppies

Date of Birth 10-02-2015

The B-Litter was born, mummy Jeeda and the babies are doing very well

4 girls and 3 boys are born

Girls: Flannan's Bumble Beezz "Zizzi", Flannan's Born to  be Wild "Senna", Flannan's Bright Sparkle "Bella", Flannan's Bubble Gum"Saar"

Boys: Flannan's Beatle Juice "Bardi", Flannan's Blizzard "Bentje", Flannan's Beyond the Limits "Pluto"

Sire Ch Glennara Chase the Ace

Dam Flannan's  Amazingly Red

Pedigree of the Litter