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News 2019


29 September Reunion C-Litter

We organized a reunion with all littermates of the C-Litter and have a big birthday party as well. 7 out of 11 puppies were present. We realy enjoyed seeying all of them together and are pleased with how they have grown into such lovely teenagers.

We want to thank Kees eand Marja for their great hospitality and preparations for lunch. Even the dogs had a lovely treat. Despite the bad weather we had a fabulous day.

The party came to an end with a lot of gifts by Lisa, Dineke and us.

We want to thank all owners who took the time to join in.

Kees and Marja with Droef; Judith, Rolf and kids with Olly; Lisa and Dineke with Chiron; Danique and Westy with Grady; Bas with Abby; Dee and Pamela with Angel and us with CJ


24 August International Dogshow Rotterdam

Judge: E. 't Lam

Glennlokhen Macallan 2nd in Champions Class and Res Best Dog, Res CAC/Res CACIB. With this result he is now crowned Dutch Champion. Such a lovely and gentlle boy making us proud every time.


29 June Windsor Champ Show

Judge: C. Tuite (GB)

Flannan's Cracker Jack 1st Minor Puppy and 3rd Puppy Class on his first show in the UK, qualified for Crufts 2020


26 May Dogwalk Leende

We joined the dogwalk organized by the Dutch Irish setter club together with 5 other litter mates of our C-litter

A little impression of the fun they all had together!


Mara and I made a fabulous trip to Scotland and came down by Malvern to cross the channel again at Folkestone.

We enjoyed every minute of our trip with our special friends Dee and Pamela who took care of our dogs to give us some time to travel together for 2 days to the West Highlands.

We have done a dogshow in Scotland judged by G. Condron (GB) with Glennlokhen Macallan becoming 4th in Open Dog Class and Flannan's Bumble Beezz 3rd in Open Bitch Class

Then at the end of our holidays at the showground in Malvern we showed this fabulous duo again. At the Open show, judged by C. Wheeldon (GB), with Glennlokhen Macallan becoming 2nd in Open Dog Class and at the Championship show with dog judge: J. Humphries (GB) and bitch judge P. Stockton (GB) Glennlokhen Macallan became 3rd Open Dog Class and gained his Studbook Number,  Flannan's Bumble Beezz not placed in Open Bitch Class


16 International Dogshow Schaal der Kempen

Judge: S. Taggert (IR)

Flannan's Bumble Beezz rocked her way to become 1st Champions Class and Best Bitch with CAC/CACIB and BOS. This little girl is everything we could have wished for and following grandmothers footsteps with the title CIE


24 February Open Show Rótova

 Judge: G. Ramos (ES)

Flannan's Cracklin' Rose made her debut in the showring with Best Baby in Breed and Best Baby in Group. Well done Martí and José


9 & 10 February SRA Oberderdingen

Judge: M. Schleifring (DE) & D. Bielefeld (DE)

Flannan's Cracker Jack appeared for the first time on a show with one 1st VP in Baby Class on first day and 1st VP  with BBIS on the second day

His father Glennlokhen Macallan was 1st Open class, CAC, Best Dog en BOS. He now is VDH Champion of Germany

News 2018


16 December Winner Show Amsterdam

Judge: R. Kotlár (HU)

Glennlokhem Macallan 1st Open Class, Best Dog and Bos. Now he can add the Winner '18 title to his name

Flannan's Bumble Beezz 1st Excellent Champions Class


16 November International Dogshow Dortmund

Judge: K. Schmidt (DE)

Glennlokhen Macallan 1st Open Class, Best Dog and BOS


1 & 2 September (Inter)national Dogshow Bremen

Judge: Int. Dogshow B. Espeland (N), Nat. Dogshow C. Pelka (DE)

Glennlokhen Macalllan both days winning Intermediate class, Best Dog and BOB


10 & 11 August CAC Specialty & WDS

Judge: WDS S. Mogony (NL)

Glennlokhen Macallan graded Excellent in Intermediate Class

Judge: CAC Specialty B. Rajic (SL)

Glennlokhen Macallan 4th Intermediate Class

Star of the day was our llittle girl Flannan's Bumble Beezz winning Champions Class and then gooing Best Bitch with Double CAC

Zizzi now is Dutch Champion, our first own bred Dutch Champion !!!


01 July Windsor Champ Show

Judge: M. Hillocks (GB)

Flannan's Bumble Beezz 4th in Open Class on a very hot show day

Mum and I had a great time together, celebrating her birthday and visited Bewl water in the East Sussex, where my grandparents used to live


17 June Champions Clubmatch Irish setter club Holland

Judge: Dogs C. Stevenson (GB) Bitches D. Hemmings (GB)

Glennlokhen Macallan 2nd place Intermediate Class

Flannan's Bumble Beezz showing her tiny little socks off winning Champions Class, then went on winning reserve Best Bitch

We are very proud of this little girl, following her grandmothers footsteps in the big showring!


10 June Dogshow Thielen

Judge: L. van Genechten (B)

Flannan's Bumble Beezz 2nd Champions Class


27 May Gundogshow

Judge: M. Gyarfas (HU)

Flannan's Bumble Beezz 1st Champions Class


29 April International Dogshow Lingen

Judge: S. Lohkamp-Sommer (DE)

Glennlokhen Macallan 2nd Intermediate Class


07 April Irish Setter Breeders Clubshow

Judge: Dogs M. Mitchell (GB), Bitches S. Nevitt (GB)

Glennlokhen Macallan for first time in Yearling Class with VHC out of 14 entries

Flannan's Bumble Beezz does what she always does and with that got reserve in Open Class bitches


31 March & 01 April International  Dogshow Goes

Judge: M. Sunde (NO)

Flannan's Bumble Beezz 1st Champion Class and Best Bitch CAC/CACIB

Judge: M. Pylvänäinen-Suorsa (FI)

Flannan's Bumble Beezz 2nd Champions Class and Res CACIB


18 March International Dogshow Hazerswoude

Judge: B. Lundgren (SE)

Flannan's Bumble Beezz 1st Champions Class and Res Best Bitch res CAC/res CACIB

Happy as a bunny with our little angel who makes us smile every day


11 March Crufts

Judge: Dogs W. Morley (GB), Bitches A. Howes (GB)

A day to remember forever. A dream coming true !!!

To be ever placed within the first three on such a big event as Crufts is one thing, but to be placed 1st in a big Junior Class with 17 entries is another thing...

Glennlokhen Macallan "Mr Ice" JUST DID THAT !!!

We cannot tell you all emotions that we went through in our heads at that moment where the Judge pointed at us to be placed 1st. We are so thrilled with this boy and his achievements

Flannan's Bumble Beezz did also a great job being shortlisted with the last 7 in Open Class bitches with 22 entries


14 January Int Dog Show Nürnberg

Judge: A Pokorn (SL)

A wonderful start to the new year with both youngsters 

Glennlokhen Macallan did us proud with the 1st place in Intermediate Class, then becoming Res Best Dog with Res CAC/res CACIB, just 15 months old and his 1st ticket for the VDH Ch title

Our big star of the day was Flannan's Bumble Beezz, showing her tiny socks off, winning 1st Open Class, Best Bitch with CAC/CACIB and to top it off BOB with the title of Alpensieger. 

This little girl finished her German Championship tile in style !

No need to say we are very proud of our red gang and floating home now


13 January CAC Essen

Judge: C. Pil (BE)

Glennlokhen Macallan 2nd place Intermediate Class

Flannan's Bumble Beezz 1st Open Class and Res Best Bitch