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Flannan's Irish Setters

With love and dedication

Senna and Doolittle puppies

Date of Birth 20-06-2011

The A-Litter was born, mummy Senna and the babies are doing very well

7 girls and 3 boys are born

Girls: Flannan's Amazingly Red "Jeeda", Flannan's Angel Star "Jamie", Flannan's Autumn Leaf "Jessy",Flannan's Always on my Mind "Cleo", Flannan's Alo Alo "Kyra", Flannan's African Desert "Tess",Flannan's Arctic Ice 

Boys: Flannan's Amore "Cooper", Flannan's All Inclusive "Toby", Flannan's After Dark "Flannan"

Sire UK Sh Ch, Multi Ch Jonola dr Doolittle

Dam Multi Ch Weslynn from Askeaton 

Pedigree of the Litter